Sale price$1,800.00

30 x 30 x 40.5 cm

Ceramic, steel and glass

Side Table

8-10 weeks lead time

In his latest creations, Yun weaves in quintessential Korean colors such as Buncheong, Chungja (celadon), and Baekja (porcelain). This nuanced choice is emblematic of Yun’s commitment to showcasing the inherent properties of ceramics, a divergence from his earlier works where vibrant and robust glazes often masked the natural elegance of the clay. Furthermore, to highlight the unique characteristics of clay, Yun has opted for varieties rich in iron content. This deliberate selection amplifies the raw, earthy essence of the material. 

Among these groundbreaking pieces stands the "Module Series", an incorporation of Western modular furniture designs with traditional colors of Korean ceramics. Adopting the module structure as the foundational framework, Yun ingeniously employs ceramics for the junctions. These interconnections, more than mere functional elements, serve as a canvas where the beauty of the West and East converge.